17 kwietnia 20219.00am - 5.00pm1 Day
Welcome to BASIC CARBINE ALFA 101 firearms course. You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of shooting chosen carbine platform either AR15 or AK47. We’ll teach you how to manipulate chosen carbine in a safe and professional manner. You’ll learn all about a proper stable shooting stance that guarantees decent control of the carbine as well as very good balance without compromising mobility. We’ll teach you how to control a carbine and use the safety selector in a proper way. You’ll have a chance to practice single shots, double taps as well as multiple shots. We’ll show you LOW and HIGH Ready Positions and how to present a carbine in a safe and fast way from both. You’ll learn how to load and unload a carbine in a safe way as well as how to use emergency reloads when you run out of ammo. 
BASIC CARBINE ALFA 101 firearms course is certified by BZ ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL. 
100 EURO for shooters with their own carbine and ammunition. 
80 EURO members of DESERT STORM Firearms Association
AMMUNITION COSTS and FIREARMS HIRE if you do not have your own:
– AR15 60EURO 150pcs of .223 ammo rounds
– AK47 50 EURO 150pcs of 7.62mm ammo rounds
To register for the course you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 30EURO.
We’ll cover the following topics:
  • How to use carbine in a safe manner. 
  • Safety rules on the DESERT STORM shooting range.
  • Proper shooting stance.
  • How to use a safety switch (fire selector) on the carbine.
  • Good control of the carbine and proper trigger manipulation.
  • Work on RESET to improve fast shooting.
  • How to deal with OFFSET and how to deal with it on a short distance.
  • Basics of the ballistics of .223 and 7.63mm round.
  • Shooting from 5m to 25m distance with the understanding of the ballistics and OFFSET.
  • HIGH and LOW Ready Positions.
  • How to load and unload carbine properly. 
  • How to shot a single precise shot and double taps. 
  • Fast shooting and weapon control. 
  • Mozambique Drill (Failure Drill)
  • Emergency Reload.
  • Summary drill. 
Register via email info@bz-academy.pl or use the contact form.