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Why it's good option to train at BZ ACADEMY? European Firearms Training Center

Our own firearms training facility

DESERT STORM Training Facility

BZ Academy is located in the heart of EUROPE and has its own tactical training facility. We have a 100m three-direction shooting range as well as a smaller 25m shooting range. We plan to build a full-size Shoot House very soon.


Desert Storm Firearms Association

If you have a passion for firearms you should join DESERT STORM Firearms Association

Firearms Association DESERT STORM works as a NON-PROFIT body and supports all firearms users to educate them on safe and proper firearms handling. We run FREE firearms workshops for our members and offer discounts for BZ Academy Firearms Courses.

Checked and trustworthy firearms instructors

Our Instructor Team is certified by SIG SAUER ACADEMY USA.

BZ Academy International Instructor Team is not only experienced, passionate about the shooting but also the only one in Europe Certified by SigSauer Academy in the USA. With over 10 years of teaching experience, we developed training methods that will speed up your learning process and show positive results quicker.

Our own training firearms

We supply modern firearms and all the necessary equipment for our clients

For our clients, we have over 40 firearms to choose from. Starting with semi-automatic pistols such as Glock 17/19/19X, and finishing on modern AR15(M4) in .223/5.56mm platforms as well as classic AK47 variants in 7.62mm and .223. We also have UZI and polish PM63 RAK. For long-range shooters, we offer Ruger Precision Rifle or Remington 700 in .308

Top Customer Service

Full Support in English

We'll guide you on how to get to our facility and help to arrange accommodation - just drop us an email. All courses are run by English-speaking qualified firearms and self-defense instructors.
  • We provide firearms for training

    We provide firearms for all our customers. In our collection, we have modern rifles AR15/M4, Glock pistols, and classic AK47 variants in many configurations. 

  • Professional training

    Our instructors have many years of training and teaching experience and instructor qualifications obtained, among others, at SigSauer Academy in the USA.

  • Ammunition 

    We provide ammunition as well as firearms for all our courses and workshops. You can buy extra ammo if you wish and train at your convenience with the BZ Academy instructor. 

  • Eye and Ear protection

    We provide the participants of our firearms courses and individual clients with protective glasses and hearing protection. Your safety is most important for us.


The training company BZ Academy was established in 2015 and its goal is to train civilians, police, security agents, and operators around the world in the field of practical shooting, tactical shooting, self-defense, and crisis response. BZ Academy has qualified instructors with many years of international experience. We train according to the highest standards of teaching methodology learned during instructor courses in the USA. BZ Academy is the only training academy in Europe with instructors who have successfully passed the instructor training at Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire USA. We are able to quickly teach everyone how to safely and efficiently use firearms during high-stress emergencies.

Firearms Courses Pistol and Rifle

BZ ACADEMY – EUROPEAN FIREARMS TRAINING CENTER has a wide range of shooting and tactical training for new shooters and those who have experience in practical and tactical shooting. Check our offer below:

Apart from FIREARMS COURSES we offer shooting packages, range hire, private and group firearms training for civilians and law enforcement. We can also arrange team-building events for corporate clients. 

Firearms Safety Rules

At BZ Academy, we train responsible shooters and educate them on the safety of using firearms, which is why it is crucial that all users of the shooting range follow the safety rules.

  1. Trigger finger discipline – we put our finger on the trigger only when we have achieved sight alignment on the target and we are ready to shoot. Otherwise, placing your finger on the trigger is unacceptable.
  2. Muzzle awareness – always be aware of where the gun is pointing and control the discharge direction of the pistol. Never point the barrel at other people and never sweep your body with the barrel of your firearm. 
  3. Always be sure of the condition of your gun, whether it’s unloaded or loaded and ready to fire. If in doubt, check its condition in a safe direction, given by the shooting instructor.
  4. Have situational awareness and make sure it is safe before firing your shot. Check if there are any people in front of you, in front of the target, or behind the target.

Video from range opening

Private 1-2-1 Firearms Training

Get trained 1-2-1 with a professional firearms instructor. We offer private and small groups firearms and tactical training. 

Location of BZ Academy firearms training facility – DESERT STORM Range. 


BZ Academy training facility is located in South-West Poland in the heart of EUROPE. BZ Academy Shooting Range Complex is located only 25km from the German and Czech Republic border. 

How to get by plane to BZ Academy? 

The closest airport is WROCLAW. If you are flying from Europe check Wizzair and Ryanair flights as both providers use Wroclaw Airport. Once you arrive in Wrocław you have a choice to use public transport or hire a car to get to BZ ACADEMY. 

Public Transport.

Once you arrive at Wroclaw Airport you should go outside of the terminal and turn right. After about 100m you’ll see the bus stop. Take a bus and get to TRAIN STATION (Wroclaw Glowny) or located opposite the shopping mall BUS STATION. It will take about 30min and you pay about 2 EUROS for the trip. You can use either train or bus to get directly to LUBAN. Takes about 2 hours and the cost is about 15 EUROS one way. Once you are in LUBAN take a taxi to the hotel you have booked and we’ll pick you up from the hotel before the course. BZ Academy is located 7km from Luban and the trip takes usually 10min. Once you finish the course we’ll drop you at the Luban Slaski Train Station or Luban Bus Station for your trip back to WROCLAW. 

Hired Car

Once you arrive at Wrocław Airport you can hire a car – a good option if you arrive as a group. Use Google maps to get you to the hotel close to Luban. The trip takes around 1hour 20min and it’s around 140km to drive on the motorway A4 west. 

Arriving from Germany

You can take a flight to BERLIN or DRESDEN and then take a train to Gorlitz. The train from Berlin or Dresden to Gorlitz takes around four hours. Once you arrive in Gorlitz cross the border by taxi and get to Zgorzelec bus station. Take a bus from Zgorzelec to Luban (about 30min drive). Once you arrive in Luban take a taxi to your pre-booked hotel. We’ll pick you up before the course from the hotel. 

Driving by car from European Country.

It’s very easy to get to BZ Academy by car if you driving from a European country. We are located 25km from the German border. Use Google maps to guide you. Most of the time you’ll be driving by the motorway. If you bringing your firearms with you make sure you have your European Firearms Pass. Just in case of Police control call us and we’ll confirm that you are a guest at our shooting range. 

Hotel booking.

Use hotel booking providers such as booking.com or Airbnb. Make sure your hotel is located within a radius of 10km from Luban for free hotel pickup and drop off from the course. If you have a problem with finding a room contact us and we’ll try to help to arrange it. You’ll pay directly to the hotel for your stay. 

Food on the range. 

We can arrange lunch on the range for the cost of approx 6 Euros.