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Firearms and Tactical Courses

European Shooting and Tactical Training at BZ Academy in Poland. We offer firearms training for beginners and advanced shooters. 

Welcome to the page of European shooting and tactical training courses and workshops conducted by BZ ACADEMY and the DESERT STORM Firearms Association. We provide a variety of courses and workshops related to safe and efficient pistol and rifle use. 

Shooting courses are a very popular form of learning the safe use of firearms for both novice shooters and those who already have experience in shooting. Through our years of experience in the education of civilian shooters, personal protection agents, and uniformed services, we have developed a learning system that is easy to absorb and brings quick results.

At BZ Academy, we focus primarily on safety by thoroughly explaining the safety rules when working with firearms. We are interested in each student fully understanding and applying safety rules during our training, or when carrying weapons for duty. 

Our rifle pistol training courses are focused on defensive shooting, where we take into account the use of weapons in either civilian or law enforcement conditions. We train according to the latest training methods taken from the SIG SAUER Academy in the USA, where our instructors,  gained their qualifications by training together with American Police and SWAT instructors. For people with experience in the use of firearms, we recommend our intermediate and advanced tactical training, where we discuss not only advanced shooting techniques but also tactics that save lives. 

In order to take part in our rifle pistol training courses, it is enough to be over 18, have a clean criminal record, and not have any medical contraindications. You do not need to have your own firearms – we will provide you with the necessary equipment depending on the training profile.


Why is it worth choosing a firearms course with BZ Academy? 

  • You will spend 8 hours learning how to safely handle a firearm
  • You will learn and understand how weapons work and operate 
  • You will learn the correct fundamentals of shooting
  • You will learn the correct manual operation
  • You will learn how to shoot accurately
  • You will learn how to shoot quickly
  • You will learn how to control a gun
  • In the end, you will receive a certificate of completion of the training
  • Training is more financially attractive than the recreational firing of munitions
  • You will meet interesting people who share your passion
  • You will gain access to more advanced training and start developing your shooting skills

Monthly Firearms Workshops FREE for PREMIUM Members of DESERT STORM FIREARMS ASSOCIATION. 


Through the DESERT STORM  Firearms Association, we also conduct a series of monthly thematic workshops on the pistol and carbine handling. These four-hour shooting workshops are conducted by a SIG Sauer Academy USA Instructor in order to better prepare shooters for the correct, faster, and safe handling of weapons.
Workshops are free for PREMIUM members of the DESERT STORM Association. Non – Members can participate in the workshops after paying a specific donation for the statutory purposes of the DESERT STORM  Firearms Association.
Additionally, PREMIUM members have a 20 EURO discount for each firearms course conducted by BZ ACADEMY. Click HERE for more information on PREMIUM Membership.

Start your adventure with shooting with the ALFA 101 Basic Pistol or ALFA 101 Basic Rifle training. Book your place at BZ Academy – European Firearms Training Facility. 

Frequently asked questions about European firearms  training courses at BZ Academy

I have never had contact with a gun. Can I take part in the BZ ACADEMY training?

Of course, for people who do not have any experience, we recommend the Basic Pistol ALFA 101 and Basic Carbine ALFA 101 training. During the training you will learn everything about the selected weapon, we will teach you how to use it and how to shoot accurately. During this 8-hour training, you will fire 150 rounds of ammunition and perform a large number of dry fire manual exercises. You don’t have to be an experienced shooter to start your journey. We’ll teach you from the scratch. 

How much one day firearms course cost as BZ Academy?

If you have your own weapons and ammunition, the cost of such training will be 100EURO for 8 training hours ending with BZ ACADEMY certification. Members of DESERT STORM Firearms Association pay only 80EURO – you can join DESERT STORM as a foreigner. Just fill the online form. If you do not have your own weapons and ammunition, we will provide it for you at the cost of the ammunition itself. In the case of a pistol, it will cost 40 EURO for 150 9mm rounds, and in the case of a rifle, depending on whether you will use the AR15 or AK47, the price for the ammunition will range from 50 EURO (AK47) to 60 EURO (AR15).


If you join DESERT STORM Firearms Association and we provide firearms and ammunition total cost is:

Pistol – 120 EURO

AR15 – 140 EURO

AK47 – 130 EURO

If you have your own firearms then you pay only 80 EURO as a member of DESERT STORM Firearms Association or 100EURO if you are not a member. 

How to dress for a firearms course?

We conduct our training at the DESERT STORM shooting range, which is an open-air shooting range, so we may encounter various weather conditions. Clothing should be adapted to the current conditions.

In summer, we definitely recommend a hat, long sleeves, and a neckerchief – it is hot here as in the desert – hence the name of the object DESERT STORM.

In winter, we recommend waterproof shoes and thermal underwear plus gloves.

We definitely recommend tactical pants or “cargo pants” with a belt, so that we can mount a holster there. When it comes to footwear, we recommend trekking shoes. We will be moving on a sandy area, which may be covered with a thin layer of mud during rainfall. Clothes can get dirty, sometimes get damaged and shoes get wet. It is worth being aware of this.

What to bring with you?

If you have your own equipment, such as a holster, pouch, ear protection, plate carrier, tactical belt, etc., you can and even should take them with you. Also, take some dry snacks with you. 

If you do not have your own equipment, no problem, because we will provide you with:

Holster and Pouches for magazines
Eye and ear protection
Drinking water

It is possible to order lunch (cost about 6 EURO)

What's included in the price of the course?

First of all, the knowledge gained by our instructors over the years. In addition, the price includes:

Rental of the DESERT STORM training facility, which we have exclusive use and no one will disturb us during the training
Professional care of English speaking instructors
Shooting targets (paper and metal depending on the shooting training)
Holsters and pouches for pistols
Ear protectors and ballistic glasses
Certification upon completion of training
If you do not have your own weapon, we will provide you with our training weapons

Ammunition is not included in the training price, but we will provide it if needed. 

How to get to BZ Academy?


The closest airport is WROCLAW. If you are flying from Europe check Wizzair and Ryanair flights as both providers use Wroclaw Airport. Once you arrive in Wrocław you have a choice to use public transport or hire a car to get to BZ ACADEMY. 

Public Transport.

Once you arrive at Wroclaw Airport you should go outside of the terminal and turn right. After about 100m you’ll see the bus stop. Take a bus and get to TRAIN STATION (Wroclaw Glowny) or located opposite the shopping mall BUS STATION. It will take about 30min and you pay about 2 EUROS for the trip. You can use either train or bus to get directly to LUBAN. Takes about 2 hours and the cost is about 15 EUROS one way. Once you are in LUBAN take a taxi to the hotel you have booked and we’ll pick you up from the hotel before the course. BZ Academy is located 7km from Luban and the trip takes usually 10min. Once you finish the course we’ll drop you at the Luban Slaski Train Station or Luban Bus Station for your trip back to WROCLAW. 

Hired Car

Once you arrive at Wrocław Airport you can hire a car – a good option if you arrive as a group. Use Google maps to get you to the hotel close to Luban. The trip takes around 1hour 20min and it’s around 140km to drive on the motorway A4 west. 

Arriving from Germany

You can take a flight to BERLIN or DRESDEN and then take a train to Gorlitz. The train from Berlin or Dresden to Gorlitz takes around four hours. Once you arrive in Gorlitz cross the border by taxi and get to Zgorzelec bus station. Take a bus from Zgorzelec to Luban (about 30min drive). Once you arrive in Luban take a taxi to your pre-booked hotel. We’ll pick you up before the course from the hotel. 

Driving by car from European Country.

It’s very easy to get to BZ Academy by car if you driving from a European country. We are located 25km from the German border. Use Google maps to guide you. Most of the time you’ll be driving by the motorway. If you bringing your firearms with you make sure you have your European Firearms Pass. Just in case of Police control call us and we’ll confirm that you are a guest at our shooting range. 

Hotel booking.

Use hotel booking providers such as or Airbnb. Make sure your hotel is located within a radius of 10km from Luban for free hotel pickup and drop off from the course. If you have a problem with finding a room contact us and we’ll try to help to arrange it. You’ll pay directly to the hotel for your stay. Cost between 20 EURO – 40 EURO per night. 

Food on the range. 

We can arrange lunch on the range for the cost of approx 6 Euros. 


If you need accommodation please use popular booking services such as or Airbnb and find your place close to Luban Poland. If your accommodation will be within 10km from Luban we’ll collect you for FREE for the course. If your accommodation is located over 10km from Luban we may charge you an additional fee for collection. 10 EURO each way for up to 20km. 20 EURO each way 30km to 30km. If you have difficulty finding a room because all is reserved please contact us and we’ll help you to find a place to stay. You pay for your stay directly to the hotel. 

Check also promotional videos from our courses.